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  • Yellowtail with Jalapeños




Some Things Happy Customers Have Said


  • Laura C.
    Best hidden sushi bar in Orange County. I know quality sushi working for a Japanese company and eating in the best around town, even flying to Japan. ETC wows me every time.
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  • Leila H.
    Oh my God! I love this place. We found it by mistake, and every single sushi we ordered melted in our mouths. Jenny was amazing and so attentive also made our sushi based on our liking. This is our new place to go have amazing sushi.
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  • Kyle V.
    Quality food, quality atmosphere, and a quality staff. This place knows how to treat their customers in every possible way. They all greet you when you walk in the door and they all check on you throughout your meal. Truly top notch staff which made our first visit very enjoyable.
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Only Fresh Ingredients

We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you
deserve the best.


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Made With Love

Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be
– from start to finish.



About Us


We offer Daily Filleted fresh fish imported from Japan and around the world. We guarantee the best quality possible because Chef Dale has been handpicking the seafood himself for the past 15 years.


Established in 2015.

Business Owner Dale T. is in his mid 30s. With over 20 years of dedication, he currently owns his third restaurant; ETCetera Sushi & Izakaya. The majority of his skills and practices focus on Japanese cuisine. Moreover, with his long term experience in Thai restaurants and growing up in the Thai culture, he carries those authentic flavors into ETC’s Japanese dishes. With his genuine personality and passionate love for food, he prides himself in accommodating every customer who crossees his path and truly believes that “Food Brings People Together”.